Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple

We connect people with excess fruit on their backyard trees with those who have the time and energy to harvest it.

We Educate

Not only does our project pick fruit trees, we also contribute to the health of our trees. We offer fruit tree owners tips on maintaining healthy fruit trees and we have offered pruning workshops in the past. We most often offer these tips to tree owners when we go to pick their fruit.  If you would like to know more about maintaining your fruit tree, please contact us and we will look into putting on a community workshop if there is sufficient interest from other FTP members. 

We Want To Help With Bear Management

This program can also assist with coastal Bear Management by removing the sweet temptation from our furry friends. Picking fruit in a timely manner will dissuade bears from feasting in our backyards and that means less chance of bear / human contact, and less damage to the fruit trees.

We Are Community Builders

The Fruit Tree Project is about building relationships in our community. We get together to pick fruit, increase access to fresh local fruit, and share knowledge and skills about harvesting, canning and preserving foods. We aim to create opportunities for learning about the importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet, canning workshops, the care of fruit trees, and other food security activities. Our intent is that the fruit harvest will be split between fruit tree owners, volunteer pickers, and organizations that accept fruit for distribution such as food banks and programs for children and youth. One of our goals is capacity building and we hope to facilitate this by connecting people with fruit trees to volunteer harvesters to organizations in need. Our harvest activities generally take place between the months of July and October.

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